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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a sugar found naturally in the body, and its main function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. The largest amounts of it are found in the skin, connective tissue, and eyes. Many people take it as supplements and serums, but hyaluronic acid has many medical and aesthetic uses. In our procedures, a gel form of hyaluronic acid is used to add volume to the dermal layer of the skin, adding a natural and temporary filling effect, and then slowly dissolves over the course of one year while keeping the skin deeply hydrated. We work only with Internationally approved and recognized brands for the best and longer-lasting.

Filler and Volume

Injectable hyaluronic acid can create structure and volume in certain areas of the face, hands, and even neckline. 

Tear-trough filler: Achieve a more rested face by reducing the groove of the undereye.

Chin: Achieve a better definition and a more stylized look or reinforce a squarer chin for a more masculine face.

Mandibular angle: The lower third of the face is one of the most critical filling treatment . A well-defined lower third is synonymous with facial attractiveness and joviality.

Cheekbone: A well-defined cheekbone provides essential support for a more attractive and joyful look. Restore the volume lost due to age.

Nasolabial fold & Marionette lines: These represent one of the premature signs of the aging process. Hyaluronic acid fillers reduce this wrinkle, always accompanied by a previous assessment of our cheekbones' structure and overall facial balance.

Lip Augmentation

Volumize and enhance your lips with injectable hyaluronic acid, the preferred filler type for its ability to dissolve over time and improve your skin in the process. Add a natural-looking volume, some plumper fullness, mark the cupid's bow or even out your lip shape. Get a more natural look, and a greater projection.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Correct and refine the proportions of the nose achieving harmony in the face. Eliminate small imperfections, smooth out small bumps, add volume, lift the tip, and even correct small deviations of the nose. Modify its shape without surgery.

Additionally, if you have a mild prominent bump of the bridge of your nose, it can camouflage it and smooth the contour of your nose profile.

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